About me

I am a final year Ph.D. student at Rice University, honored to work with Dr. Christopher Jermaine. I finished my undergraduate study in 2018 in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) with a major in Computer Science and a minor in International Economics and Trade.

Research Interests

Data Management
Data Analytics

I commit 1 hour every week to provide guidance, suggestions, and/or mentorships for undergraduate/master/underrepresented students whoever want to apply for graduate school. Please fill in this form if you are interested.

I am actively mentoring undergraduates and master students who want to do research related to various ML+System topics. Send me an email and let us talk!


  • [ICCV’23] Federated Learning Over Images: Vertical Decompositions and Pre-Trained Backbones Are Difficult to Beat [PDF][Code]
  • [ICML’23] Auto-Differentiation of Relational Computations for Very Large Scale Machine Learning. [PDF][Code]
  • [VLDB’22] Distributed learning of fully connected neural networks using independent subnet training.[PDF][Code]
  • [ICML-FL’21] Federated Multiple Label Hashing (FedMLH): Communication Efficient Federated Learning on Extreme Classification Tasks.[PDF]
  • [VLDB’21] Tensor Relational Algebra for Distributed Machine Learning System Design.[PDF][Code]
  • [Usenix Security’20] Programmable {In-Network} Security for Context-aware {BYOD} Policies.[PDF]
  • [OSDI’18] A Programmable, Hardware-Assisted Network Protocol Fuzzer. [PDF]
  • [WUWNET’17] Exploring simulation of software-defined underwater wireless networks.[PDF]


Address: Duncan Hall 3063, 6100 Main St, Houston
Email: {firstname.lastname}@rice.edu
Hobby: I love animals a lot, including but not limited to cats, dogs.

Yuxin Tang


19 Aug, 2023

Serve as Session Chair for VLDB 2023

11 May, 2023

Start Internship at Visa Research

19 Jul, 2023

See you in ICML 2023

19 Nov, 2022

Serve as reviewer for ICLR/KDD/ICML 2023

31 May, 2022

Start Internship at Bytedance Applied Research Team